As a result of increasing credit card skimming theft, convenience store owners and managers must look to better control and manage access to their fuel dispensers. 

Most fuel dispenser pump doors can be opened by a common, universal key set allowing anyone access to critical customer and business information.  Surprisingly, ABC's "The Lookout" found that many of these common keys can easily be found and purchased online.   


Whether you’re a 500 store chain, or a single station store owner, this KeyControl® program is the most cost-effective card skimming deterrent available on the market.  If you haven’t yet secured your dispensers, or are preparing to rekey your stores in response to skimming, you should consider this new solution designed to provide peace of mind while reducing your costs.


Restricted Keys – Eliminate anyworry about additional keys being made without your knowledge. Only you or an InstaKey Authorized Distributor/Factory can cut a new key.

Serialized Keys Each key is stamped with a unique serial number allowing it to be easily assigned and tracked to a specific key holder.  By knowing who has what key, key holder accountability and compliance is improved.

Rekeyable CylindersIf a key becomes unaccounted for or lost, you can simply turn a key 180° and rekey your locks without the expense associated with a maintenance or locksmith visit.

On Line DatabaseAll KeyControl® Program information is easily accessible through a patented, web-accessed software platform. This simple, internet-based tool is the most efficient and effective means available for the tracking of mechanical locks and keys.

Pflager Locksmiths.  Proudly licensed by Instakey to provide simplified KeyControl® services for over 19 years.