Ditec Automatic Door Operator


Advanced Technology


The AutoSwing door operators have been engineered to open doors for people with disabilities and the elderly. The one way clutch allows the door to be opened manually with incredible ease. The AutoSwing incorporates a concealed heavy duty adjustable door stop, therefore eliminating the need for external stops. The AutoSwing is equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring. Because of this feature, the AutoSwing can be used to operate larger, heavier doors in windy conditions.




The AutoSwing door operators are designed with the safety of the user in mind and complies with the latest ANSI standards A156.19 for low energy door operation.


Quiet Operation


The AutoSwing door operators are noise free in both automatic and manual mode for a pleasant, consumer friendly environment.


Easy Installation


The AutoSwing door operator requires only simple procedures for fast, trouble free installation. The AutoSwing is also easily retrofitted to existing doors or new construction without major renovation.




The AutoSwing is Canadian made and designed specifically for our weather conditions. The combination of superior construction and technology make the AutoSwing door operators the most reliable on the market.


Remote Open


Autoswing door operator can be activated with surface mounted button, or hand held transmitter. Several shapes and sizes of buttons available. Motion Activated buttons also available.


Multiple Adjustments


The end user is able to make adjustments to the closer speed settings with no proprietary software or equipment needed.

Ditec Door Opener In Action