Pflager Locksmiths has been a proud distributor of Instakey for over  20 years and is currently servicing locations in 15 states,  with continued growth.

Instakey is the most cost effective high security mechanical key system.  Instakey utilizes a patented technology that allows you to rekey your locks with the simple turn of a key. 



How InstaKey® Works  


TO REKEY:  A notched step change key is inserted into the cylinder and turned 180 degrees. Removing the key brings with it the disengaged wafer, rendering all previous keys in that series inoperable.     "It really is that simple!"


THE SECRET:  A patented method of removing glued wafer stacks from multiple chambers of a lock cylinder - one wafer at a time.   


THE REKEYING PROCESS:  Each computergenerated keying series allows up to 12 key steps to be loaded into the cylinder distributed among grand, master, and pass key levels.   


MULTIPLE LEVEL CHANGES:  The removal of wafers from different stacks in multiple chambers allows the change of any level - grand, master, pass, even interchangeable core control keys - without affecting the operation or keying structure of other levels.   



Instakey also uses a patented key that cannot be duplicated at any local hardware or Superstore.  The key is also tracked with a unique patented online tracking system. 





In understanding the need for “real time” access to information, InstaKey® Security Systems patented web-based® software provides a centralized platform for complete KeyControl® management.


Through a secured 24/7 web-based platform, End User Customers can quickly and efficiently resolve what key, what specific locations/doors it opens, who is responsible, and what it affects..® software allows the capability to maintain KeyControl® Program compliance and manage associated costs. 


Pflager Locksmiths structures the End-User Customer data in their terminology and naming conventions. Through the integration of data (Users, Locations, Doors, Keys, and Order History) in simple drop- down menu formats, the software displays desirable hierarchical structures and easy to understand key-to-key holder-to-door access relationships.  This user-friendly format helps to find information quickly and maintain command over the Program.   


Each Member Login receives a three-tiered credential providing distinct software access that can limit views or functionality of systems, users, locations, menus, or specified fields.         



We are always happy to answer questions for anyone that would like to know if Instakey is right for them.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.